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Why Being Busy Is Not Good For Your Productivity

Why is it seen as a good thing?



"How are you today?" I'm asked. "I'm soooo busy" I reply. This is the answer I have been giving for quite a while now. This is also the answer many self-employed business people seem to give as default at networking events ...

Being busy is not good for your productivity!

Being busy is not good for your productivity!

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Being busy seems to have become a 'good thing' in the eyes of many. We believe it means we are a successful business person. If we are employed, then often it is the people who do overtime and are always busy that seem to get pay raises and promotions.

"Have you ever stopped to think about why being busy is seen as a good thing?"

When we are busy it often means we are overwhelmed with what we have to do, so we work longer to compensate. We can also get burnt-out if we work too much for a long period of time. To me, that seems to be the opposite of good.

When we are busy we have no time to stop, think and reflect. These activities are crucial to being more productive. This is because, without them, we are continually on a hamster wheel going around and around and getting nowhere fast. If we continue to think that being busy is a good thing, we do not learn the art of time management, deep thinking and reflection.

"Time management is a key skill!"

Once, when I was feeling overwhelmed, I got told to create a mind map of my responsibilities, projects and activities that I was supposed to do a month and allocate times to them. I apparently needed 3 of me to do everything I needed and wanted to do! Since then my time management has become better although it still could do with some tweaking.

Deep thinking is where you give yourself time to focus on an idea, an issue, a challenge and do not lose focus. This is more difficult than it sounds as our attention spans are very short in today's distracted world. Meditation is one way to help improve your ability to concentrate. Applying meditation constructively to your issues will give you new insights and solutions.

Reflection enables us to review our day, weeks and months. What did you do well? What could you improve? What are you grateful for in life right now? These types of questions help us be aware of the positives in our life whilst acknowledging the need for improvement where possible.

So, next time I get asked, "How are you?", I am not going to say 'busy' due to its negative connotations. Instead, I am going to say something like "Great thank you, life is excitingly full and productive!" to give a better, more positive picture of how I am really doing.

"Would you like to know more?"

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