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When Times Are Difficult You May Just Need To Stop

And focus on what's important ...



As much as I like being productive and working through my to-do list, sometimes you just need to stop. My Grandad is very ill and unlikely to make it. This is a time I need to stop and spend time with him ...

As my Grandad is ill, I need to stop for a while and spend time with him.

As my Grandad is ill, I need to stop for a while and spend time with him.

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We all have times like this in our lives when the really important things that we cannot, and should not, put off become our overriding concern.

While they do say ‘life goes on,’ and to a certain extent that is true, sometimes we need to occasionally put down our smartphones, tablets, and laptops and spend time connecting with those that matter to us one-on-one.

Yes, there are lots of things I could be doing. Some work, some housekeeping and so forth. They, however, fall into insignificance when a loved one is ill, an accident happens, or something else equally tragic occurs.

Concentration can be difficult to maintain under times of duress too. So, if we do not get as much work or personal stuff done, then it is no surprise really, and we have to allow for that and not beat ourselves up about it.

Compassion is a key teaching in Buddhism, and I believe we not only need to have compassion for those going through the pain and suffering but also for ourselves.

Rather than hide from our emotions around challenging times, we should embrace them and allow ourselves to process them. This is a compassionate thing to do for ourselves and will ultimately help you, help those loved ones around us.

"So this week's blog post is a short one, and there may be a few recycled ones in the near future while my Grandad is ill."

As I’m sure you'll appreciate, writing blog posts is not the utmost of importance in my mind right now. It is a good thing I have Steffi to write and recycle some blog posts for me while my mind is elsewhere. I would heartily recommend her services. She takes the stress out of my online marketing, and that is what we all need sometimes.

Wishing you and all your family and friends the best.

Until next time ...


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