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What Makes One Person More Productive Than Others?

Is it simply down to motivation?

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Did you know that in a typical week, German workers could clock off on Thursday afternoon and still produce as much as British workers doing a full week's work?

So, what makes one person more productive than others?  There are many ways of explaining this!

So, what makes one person more productive than others? There are many ways of explaining this!

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You can read more about the UK's corporate productivity challenge on the FT. I found this quite an interesting read. In today's global economy, how can different countries have such different levels of productivity?

"In part, it is down to the culture of those countries!"

Some countries are stereotypically known to be 'efficient' or 'hardworking' compared to others. Yet if we take this down to the personal level, it is the same. Some people get more done than others.

Take a look at people like Tim Ferris, who writes and lives 'the 4 hour work week', compared to those who work office hours plus many hours overtime each week, the difference is incredible.

So, what makes one person more productive than others? There are many ways of explaining this. Some have a system they swear by. Maybe it's the GTD method by Dave Allen or some other productivity guru? Maybe it is down to personality? After all, many books state that if you have grit then you are more likely to be better at productivity.

"Maybe it is simply down to motivation?"

At a client recently, one manager was determined to be like his boss and live in a better house, have a better car and so forth. That is what kept him working late into the evening.

I think it is down to a mix of all these things. Motivation gets you out of bed and gets you going even when times are tough. Having a personality that likes to get things done will naturally lead to you being a 'doer'.

However, I do believe having a system that works for you is key to enhancing your natural personality and enables you to make the most out of your motivation, whatever that may be.

So, would you like help to develop a system that works for you? Figuring out what works and then implementing it with accountability is crucial to increasing your productivity. Maybe, with my help, you'll be able to work fewer hours and have longer to do the fun things in life?

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