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Time Management: Less Is More

Warren Buffett thinks so ...

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I had a conversation with my business coach today about time management. I have some ideas which could be really great. The trouble is, I am so busy right now dealing with day-to-day life that I have no time to put these ideas into action ...

I need to work on my own time management as I am so busy right now dealing with day-to-day life!

I need to work on my own time management as I am so busy right now dealing with day-to-day life!

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So, why is this a problem? Well, for me personally, I really enjoy the creative side of my work. Creating things is what I love doing best. Not having that time means I am working on day-to-day 'stuff'. While this 'stuff' is important and sometimes urgent, it is not expanding me or my business.

Expanding myself and my business is incredibly important for my future and will help improve both client satisfaction and, perhaps most importantly, keep me sane.

So, what can I learn from some incredibly successful people about time management? Let's start with Warren Buffett. His diary is pretty much empty compared to mine as mine is full of appointments.

Last week, I had 12 appointments plus a host of unexpected ad hoc ones. Some all day, other an hour or so. In this video clip on Bloomberg TV, Warren Buffett shares his calendar with the host of the show and Bill Gates. It had 4 things in it for one week.

"For one of the wealthiest men in the world, you would expect
a lot more going on!"

Brendon Burchard also believes in setting aside up to 60% of your week on your 'primary field of interest". Tony Robbins suggests that you use 65% of your time on the things that matter most in your life and Tim Ferris is famous for the 4-hour working week.

All this has me wondering where do I spend my time? Can it be more effective so that I can dedicate more time to the creative side of the business? I know I am super organised at filling my diary, but that is not 'time management', more 'making myself busy time'. It is a 'work in progress', and will develop over time.

As a starter though, I am going to go away to a place with no phones or distraction for at least one day a month to work on these ideas in a structured way. What will you commit to, in order to ensure you are working on the things that matter most?

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