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The Power Of Why

They way to stay motivated ...

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Ever look at your to-do list in despair? Ever feel like you're wading through treacle? Ever wonder why you do the things you do, or don’t do? If so, you are not alone. We all feel like this on occasion ...

The power of why is the way to stay motivated!

The power of why is the way to stay motivated!

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So how do we get out of feeling like this? I have found a good way is to start asking yourself 'why' you are doing things. For instance, if you have a particularly large or challenging task to get on with, then ask yourself why you are doing it. Is it simply to satisfy a customer? A business need? A personal need?

"Then ask if that 'why' is positive!"

So, fulfilling the customer need is positive because you know that it will bring more money into your business and pays the wages. Why is this important? "Because if I cannot pay wages, my employees will leave and I won’t have a business".

If it is a personal need, such as going to the gym, you can also use this method. Why are you going to the gym? "I am going because I want to shed some weight off my belly". Why am I doing this? "Because increased weight around the belly can increase the likelihood of certain illnesses occurring". Why is that important? "Because I want to be well enough to be alive to see my kids grow up!"

"When you know your why, you are more likely to get on with it, whatever it is!"

Knowing your why helps you understand your motivation. If you still cannot get doing that thing you have a really good why for, then something is wrong.

Your motivation may not really be your motivation. Maybe you aren’t really motivated by the why in the first place? Maybe your why is really a 'should' instead? You feel like you should go the gym to lose weight, but actually, you really don’t have a why that excites and motivates you, no matter what the logic is.

"This is a difficult situation to be in!"

To resolve it you really have to dig deep into yourself and ask what you really want to do in life. Taking the time to do this, and figure out your real motivation - your real why - rather than a ‘should do this because other people think I need to’ is key to getting yourself back up and running.

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