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The Power Of Patience

Mostly with ourselves ...

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We can all be impatient; the queue at the checkout, traffic jams, kids, you name it. The worst kind of impatience though is with ourselves. We are only human, yet often people have this idea of what they should be like ...

Patience means accepting things as they are, rather than setting yourself up for failure!

Patience means accepting things as they are, rather than setting yourself up for failure!


This view of ourselves is an airbrushed, picture-perfect version that is not in accordance with reality. This harms our productivity in a number of ways.

  1. Firstly, it sets us up for failure

    No one is a machine and can work at full speed for eight hours or more a day straight. Some days are better than others and we do succeed at every task we have set our self. The rest of the time we do what we can in the circumstances we have.

  2. Secondly, it diminishes our actual achievements

    If we are always holding ourselves up against a 'perfectly productive day' then we will feel that every 'non-perfectly productive day' as being a failure. We must always celebrate any achievements we make in a day to help stop us being so impatient with ourselves no matter how small it is.

  3. Thirdly, patience improves our relationships with those around us

    It doesn't mean if your employee hasn't done what they are supposed to have done, you don't discipline them. What it means is as you are being more patient with yourself, your confidence and empathy with others grow. This naturally leads to a better relationship with your self and others.

Patience means accepting things as they are, rather than setting yourself up for failure allows you to be more realistic with your goal setting, your to-do list, and expectations of others. This all helps increase your productivity.

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