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The Impermanence Of Everything

And how it increases your productivity ...



Whether it be grand designs that the Romans and Greeks built that crumble into history, the food we consume which grows, gets picked and then consumed and disposed of, to our very lives, where we are born, get older then die. Everything really is impermanent ...

The impermanence of everything can be seen all around, though it should inspire us!

The impermanence of everything can be seen all around, though it should inspire us!

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I love this concept as it really helps me improve my relationships and life in general. The reason it does is that it helps you stop grasping at things as being solid and stationary.

"When you think something is solid and cannot change, you get upset when inevitably, it does!"

We then spend a lot of effort trying to get the old version back. Anyone who tries to get 'back to the ideal weight' we were at in our youth, or to the 'person they originally married', knows the frustration this can bring.

So why does this idea help with our productivity? Well, sometimes we can get bogged down in doing things a certain way. Maybe 'you have always done it that way' and don’t want to change. This happens in many companies, but also happens to individuals like us.

Realising the impermanence of systems, processes, documentation, and people allows you to let go of these fixed ideas and try new ones. This allows us to embrace new, more efficient, ways of working.

If something isn’t working, it can usually be changed to see if other ways work. We fear change so much, yet conquering your fears and accepting the impermanence of things allows us to move forward in life.

Armed with this way of thinking, you can take any part of your life that is not working and re-invent it. And if it doesn’t work you can keep on taking action until something does. Do not be afraid of failure. After all, babies keep trying until they can walk. No one says to a baby to stop trying to walk after the first couple of attempts, do they?

We need to have the same perseverance as babies everywhere do, and keep on trying until we make it work. The idea of Impermanence helps us do that.

"Are you stuck in old ways of working that no longer work?"

If you'd like to find out more about the impermanence of everything and how I can help you change the things that no longer work for you, call me on 01858 414226 or click here to ping me an email and let's see how I can help you.

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