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Productivity And Illness

A note from my sickbed ...



I am writing this blog post from my sickbed. I have been up all night coughing and sneezing and have a 4,000-word essay to be handed in two weeks that I haven’t started. Productivity and illness are mutually exclusive ...

If you're ill, do yourself a favour and stay off work until you feel better!

If you're ill, do yourself a favour and stay off work until you feel better!

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I also have plenty of work to do for clients that must be done. My home could do with a dusting, and I have many other housework responsibilities that I should be doing too.

"All in all, I feel rubbish and the least productive I have been in a long while!"

According to a 2016 report of health at work for the British Heart Foundation (BHF), sickness absence costs UK businesses an estimated £29 Billion each year, with the average worker taking 6.6 days off due to illness.

However, despite being ill, many workers still go to work for many different reasons. Another survey by Canada Life UK revealed that out of 1,000 people surveyed, 93 per cent of employees attend work despite being unwell.

They cite five main reasons why:

  1. Not thinking their illness was serious enough to take time off: 76%

  2. Having too high a workload to justify taking time off: 31%

  3. Worry about financial implications of taking time off: 20%

  4. Perceived workplace pressure and guilt for taking sick leave: 19%

  5. Risk of redundancy being too high: 13%

However, healthier staff are more likely to have better morale, take less time off overall, less likely to leave, perform better and be more productive.

This makes complete sense to us all, so why do we still insist on doing work when we are sick? My productivity tip this week is this: if you are ill, get better first before you go back to work in order to be ultimately more productive.

"I am about to take my own advice and go back to bed dosed up on Lemslip!"

More productivity tips will follow next week when hopefully I am back on my feet again. Until then feel free to call me on 01858 414226 and, cough withstanding, I'd love to have a chat about productivity and illness and how I can help your employees.

Until next time ...


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