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Procrastination Is The Thief Of Time

So what can we do about it?

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We all have lots of work to do, don't we? If we listed everything we needed and wanted to do, it would be a very long list for us all I imagine. Yet we still procrastinate a lot ...

If you're worried about procrastination, then maybe I can help you?

If you're worried about procrastination, then maybe I can help you?

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For instance, I'm moving in 3 days time and still haven't done much packing, leaving it all to be done the day before! So why do we procrastinate and how can we get over it?

"The main reason we procrastinate is that we don't
really want to do the task at hand!"

Maybe it is tedious or unpleasant in some way? The idea of doing the task brings a groan to our mouths. We put off these tasks until the last minute because of this, rather than thinking we will get it out the way. This is why so many accountants are horrendously busy in January as everyone leaves their accounts to the last minute.

The second reason is we have a natural fear of failure. We don't want to attack those hard tasks just in case we can't do it. We set ourselves goals like writing a novel that we never get around to because it seems like hard work and we really don't want to fail, so why start at all? I am personally going through this one right now. I want to write some online training courses, but what if they are not good enough and no one buys them?

Thirdly, we have a lack of focus. We have so much to do we don't know where to begin. We don't have a way of planning and prioritise our tasks, so we don't know what to do and when, and that tunes us into the procrastination station.

And lastly, we have a perfectionist side to us. This stops us from completing tasks unless conditions are perfect. We think we will go to that yoga class once work calms down, but it doesn't. We will do that problematic task once we have made this phone call or answered an endless stream of emails.

"So how do we get over these hurdles to be more productive?"

Well, the first thing is to set up a to-do list process that contains everything you need to complete and a methodically way of dealing with it all. This involves writing everything we need to do down and reviewing it systematically, which overcomes our lack of focus.

If we still struggle to do what is on our to-do list, we need to write down what the benefits are of getting that task done and what will happen if we don't do it. You will find some tasks disappears as they simply are of no benefit, and nothing happens if they don't get done!

As for fear of failure, just get on and do it. If we don't try, we will never succeed. That is what helps me overcome my fear of failure, as I want to make sure I have given everything a good shot.

We need to have a realistic view of what we are doing and not a negative one. If we do something and get it out there, then we have moved forward.

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