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In A Tizz As You're Just So Busy?

What you need to do to stop it ...



So, it is nearly February and I am fully booked. No time for breathing space in-between all my work and other commitments. I feel in a tizz. Ever feel the same way?

If you're in a tizz then I may just be able to help you!

If you're in a tizz then I may just be able to help you!

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You know that feeling; your mind is buzzing with all the thoughts about what you need to do and how you will do it. In fact, your mind is so busy, it prevents you from focusing and getting your work done. So when that ‘tizz’ happens, what do we do about it?

There are three simple steps I have taken to reduce it which I will go through with you below:

  1. Meditate – my go to for anything and everything. 10 minutes on the breath flowing in and out of our nostrils in a quiet place (can even be the loo if everywhere is busy at work!) This calms the tizz down enough to allow you space to think a bit more clearly.

    I know it feels like the last thing you want to do with everything piling on top of you, but trust me it works – just try it.

  2. Write everything down - the reason I say 'write' and not 'type' is that writing is a process that allows you to connect with what is going on. I read somewhere (wish I remembered where) that writing down enables you to remember more and frees the mind due to the physical act of writing.

    Although I love my myriad of apps, I am actually learning that good ol’ fashioned writing is actually a perfect way to break things down and get your mind organised.

  3. Make a list - now you have cleared your head a bit, the ‘tizz’ should have dissipated and you can get into a productive space to work.

    List just 3 important and/or urgent things you need to get on and do. That's it, just 3 things. Concentrate on them and nothing else. This will make you feel better as 3 tasks are manageable (as long as you haven’t made them way too big, simple is best). Once you have done each task, tick them off and then decide on your next 3.

That's it! 3 simple steps to getting rid of the tizz and become productive again.

Do you get in a tizz? If so what steps do you take to calm yourself back down and get productive again?

"Would you like some help?"

If you would like to talk to me about your tizzes and what to do about them, do call me on 01858 414226 or click here to ping me an email and let's see how I can help you.

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