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How To Make Your Next Year Awesome!

It's never too early to start planning ...



You may feel this blog post is a tad early. After all, don't you usually start planning your next year in January? Well, maybe most people do. I see each new day as a chance to start afresh ...

If you want to make your next year awesome, get planning now!

If you want to make your next year awesome, get planning now!

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Everything is impermanent and changes continuously, so why stick to planning your goals or starting afresh to a specific date? If you feel at any time like you want to make a fresh start, then just do it I say.

"This week though, I did have a special day. My 40th Birthday!"

So, to celebrate I have purchased a passion planner at the suggestion of a good friend of mine. She has used these for a couple of years to get herself off to a productive and focused start.

I like the format and style. Even the name sounds great as if you are going to go through planning anything it might as well be your passions!

I am steadily working through it and fully intend to use it over the next year to keep me focused on my goals. This got me wondering as to what other people's goals are? Feel free to leave me a comment below with your goals that you are aiming for.

If you have no goals then follow the steps below to create them for yourself:

  1. Take some time out in a peaceful place. Close your eyes and vividly imagine what you will be doing in 3 years’ time. Write down what you see in as much detail as possible. It doesn’t matter if it seems impossible or otherwise. The vision should be where you want to be regardless of any perceived obstacles.

  2. From your vision, you will see what your goals are. Write them down as specifically as you can. These can be anything from work, health, through to your relationship and self- improvement goals.

  3. Once you have listed your goals for the next 3 years, work backwards and write down actions you will need to do in order to reach those goals.

  4. With your list of actions give them a time frame: 3-months, 6-months, a year etc

Success! You now have a list of actions that will help you achieve your goals that are timebound to get you started on the right track.

Now you need to keep this list in an easily accessible place and review them every week to see how you are moving towards your goals.

If you just let the list gather dust somewhere it just won’t work. This is why I am liking the concept of the passion planner as this will force me to keep on track. Whatever method you use do let me know how you get on making your goals by commenting below.

And if you are struggling to decide what your goals are, you can give me a call on 01858 414226 or click here to ping me an email and I can help you find them in a goal-setting session.

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