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How Creating Process Maps Can Help Your Productivity

So there you are, working away, busy as a bee ...

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So you are working away, busy as a bee. But do you know if all the stuff you are doing is adding value in some way? Some of the stuff we all do has to be done because the law requires it, or it is essential to the smooth running of the business ...

Creating Process Maps doesn't have to be complicated!

Creating Process Maps doesn't have to be complicated!

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I call this essential work as the company cannot run without it. Then there is value-adding work. This is where you add value to your customers, both internal or external. Then there is non-value adding work that needs to be ditched as a waste of time.

"So, how do you decide which tasks
are which?"

My background is in quality management and part of the role involves creating process maps for companies. Over the years, I have seen how defining your processes can have a huge effect on value-adding productivity for individuals and teams.

This is because once you have identified your processes, you can then see clearly what is value-adding, what is essential and what is non-value adding work. You can then focus on the value-adding and essential areas of your work and ditch the rest, or at least minimise it.

To create a process map for your department or company, you need to start with gathering everyone together and getting some post-it notes. It's as simple as that!

Use these post-it notes to write down actions that you do. Examples include ‘fill in customer inquiry forms’ or ‘ask the customer to sign job sheet’. Note that these are actions. If you put down things like ‘enquiry form’ then you don’t necessarily know what you have to do with that form.

"Then put the post-it notes upon a blank wall in the order they happen!"

There will be some discussion and debate about what you do when you do it and how, especially if you run a bigger company or department and that is fine. You want everyone to be engaged in this activity.

Once you have an agreement on the overall process, identify which actions are essential, value-adding and otherwise. Create a neater version of the process map in PowerPoint or Visio if you have it and keep it where everyone can refer to it.

From now on, when everyone is creating project plans or to-do lists, they can easily see if the tasks they are doing are essential, value adding or non-value adding.

"This is how identifying the process and mapping it out helps increase productivity!"

If you would like a hand creating your department or company’s process maps to help improve productivity just give me a call on 01858 414226 or click here to ping me an email and let's see how I can help you.

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