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Does Waking Up Early Make You More Productive?

Well, maybe. But maybe not ...

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Well, that really does depend on you, your body clock and timetable for life. I have had this wonderful idea that waking up early at 5.30am would make me more productive ...

Does waking up early make you more productive? Well, maybe. But maybe not!

Does waking up early make you more productive? Well, maybe. But maybe not!

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I have read plenty of blog posts about how superachievers wake up nice and early and have a routine that sets them up for a productive day. It is only natural to want to emulate people who have done this.

Personally, my ideal morning would go something like this:

  • 5.30am – Wake up and meditate for about 30 minutes

  • 6.00am – Go to the swimming pool for refreshing swim

  • 6.45am – Eat breakfast

  • 7.00am – Prepare healthy food for the day

  • 7.30am – Answer all my e-mails and do social media posts

  • 8.00am - ready to travel to work and start my day with clients

However, in reality, this often doesn’t happen.

I either go to bed too late to get up at 5.30am as I have something on the night before (I do like my 8 hours of sleep), or I take my medication too late (and it has a drowsy effect), or I simply hit the snooze button repeatedly, wanting a few more precious minutes in bed! (I am human after all!)

Apparently though, according to this article, it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference on a socioeconomic level what time you wake up. You can equally be a night-owl or a 9 to 5 person and it won’t make a difference to your productivity.

"What does make a difference is working in a deliberate way, by making sure that every minute of your day counts!"

Knowing this makes me feel a bit better about not sticking to my ideal morning routine. After all, if I am working deliberately through the hours I am awake then that is the main thing, not the time in the morning you get up.

So how do we do this? Well, one of the ways I do this is by filling in my weekly planner. This helps me figure out what my goals are this week, how I’m going to achieve them and record what my accomplishments are at the end of the week.

You can get a free PDF copy of the planner by clicking here for you to print off and use. Do let me know if it helps you increase your productivity.

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