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Does Happiness Boost Your Work Productivity?

Meditation can certainly help ...

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Sometimes, when we think about work productivity, we imagine phrases like 'nose to the grindstone' and 'on the treadmill'. However, there is a way to be happy and productive at the same time ...

Being happy can boost your work productivity with the right intrinsic motivation!

Being happy can boost your work productivity with the right intrinsic motivation!

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So, why does being happy make you more productive? We have all seen a child at play, and when they are completely engrossed in something they are in what is called a 'flow' state.

"They are practising what in Buddhist terms is called joyful effort!"

When in this state, the work is easy to concentrate on. This could be anything from writing a blog post, gardening or cracking on with that project for work. We have no doubt all been in this flow state at some point in our lives and loved it.

How do we cultivate this sense of happiness in the first place though? The documentary below states that 50% of our happiness levels are down to genetics; only 10% is down to how much money we make, social standing and job situation and 40% is down to choice.

Yes, you heard that right - a whopping 40% of our happiness levels are under our own control. That 40% is mainly determined by our 'intrinsic' motivation, our feelings of being part of a community, caring about our environment and others.

This is compared to if we have 'extrinsic' motivations such as more wealth, a bigger car or a better job. This suggests we really need to look at the internal reason we do things. What our motivation truly is will help us decide if it will increase our happiness or not.

"We can help increase our happiness purely by
changing the way we think!"

Science has shown that if we practice meditation on compassion, for instance, our happiness increases, and we change the structure of our brain which in turn helps increase our happiness levels; and this boosts our work productivity.

The conclusion I came too from watching the documentary is that if we have an intrinsic motivation for doing a task, we are more likely to be happy and able to concentrate on it and get more done.

This is the perfect motivation for consciously choosing to be in a happy state more often. One of the proven ways of doing this is through meditation.

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