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Do You Want To Increase Your Perseverance?

I know I do ...



I keep reading a lot of books and blogs about how perseverance or 'grit' is the key to being successful. I didn't like the sound of this initially. After all, isn't it quite dull?

Those with perseverance will nearly always achieve success!

Those with perseverance will nearly always achieve success!

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Being more of big ideas and visionary person, isn't the grit left to those people who do the doing? Why would I need to persevere?

"However, I have now changed my mind!"

I now see a person who perseveres as someone who carries on despite difficulties and setbacks that occur. A couple of weeks ago, I talked about failure, and the key thing from the examples listed is that every one of the people who failed persevered through difficult times, rejection and setbacks until they became successful.

In order to do that, you really must be a visionary that sees the bigger picture - what could be - and has the grit to keep going until the vision becomes a reality.

Yes, you may also need to have grit to get through the more tedious, repetitive tasks and there are always people who love doing that sort of work (hint: delegate if you don't love it). But the satisfaction of getting jobs like that done successfully can actually increase your grit in the future so you can attain your vision.

"So how does that work?"

Well luckily, we all have dopamine, this is a fantastic natural drug that floods our brain when we do something pleasurable. This means that when we achieve something - anything - if we take the time to congratulate our self by saying, "Yey, I have done this, I am awesome!", then some dopamine will be released and you will feel pleasure.

The pleasurable feelings are something we want to keep happening, so it encourages us to do more tasks and be more productive.

I have been practising this technique for the past couple of weeks, and it really does work. Congratulating myself on everything from getting out of bed in time, to completing a task for a client, to going to the gym.

All these things, no matter how seemingly inconsequential, are achievements and we need to acknowledge that and praise ourselves for them. I found that I have been more willingly productive as a result due to merely congratulating myself for every achievement no matter how small or large.

"So why not increase your perseverance by congratulating yourself more often?"

It really will help you be more productive so what have you got to lose? And if you need a nudge in the right direction, call me on 01858 414226 or click here to ping me an email and let's see how I can help you improve your perseverance.

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