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Did You Know You All Freakin' Rock?

No matter what your limiting beliefs are ...



I was lucky enough to spend last week at Tony Robbins Ultimate Power Weekend (UPW). There was lots of jumping around, dancing and hugging going on and it was great fun ...

I spent the weekend at a Tony Robbins seminar and realised you all freakin' rock!

I spent the weekend at a Tony Robbins seminar and realised you all freakin' rock!

copyright: tony robbins

It was all done for a reason though: to help us internalise the knowledge and actions we were committing too. So, what did I learn? Well, the thing that has stuck with me the most is that I no longer believe those self-limiting beliefs I had.

"We all have them. They hang around our neck like big chains weighing us down!"

Going through the process with Tony and his co-presenters has finally put them to rest, and I feel entirely free of those chains for the first time in my life.

This has already had a profound impact on the way I feel, the way I interact with other and the way I look at my life goals. I now know I can be as successful as I want to be in all areas of life from finance, business to love and relationships.

I am now committed to delivering an outstanding service (not just good or excellent!), am committed to losing the 3 stone I need to, and dedicated to having fulfilling relationships with those around me.

As you can imagine, this has naturally boosted my productivity. The more motivated and committed you are to any goal in life, the easier ‘work’ becomes as you simply do not see it as work anymore, but a way to fulfil your dreams and goals.

Do you have any self-limiting beliefs that are preventing you from being the most productive you could be? If so it is worth writing them down. You can then imagine what are the worst outcomes for you because of that belief. It might be never having a fulfilling relationship, or never getting that dream job, or even losing your home and family. It is a rough process to go through, but results are worth it.

"The next step is to realise that
you freakin' rock!"

Yes, it sounds very American (and yes, Tony is American), but the results of continually celebrating any accomplishment you have made, whether it be getting out of bed, going to the gym or succeeding in finishing something at work are truly amazing.

We can spend so much time being hard on ourselves and concentrating on the negative; we don’t realise what we have achieved. So celebrate internally as you don’t have to jump around dancing every time (although that helps) and say to yourself "I freakin' rock!"

"Doing this will boost your productivity and help keep you happy!"

As a result of the Tony Robbins seminar I am now on the road to taking All About Productivity and its sister company All About Quality to the next level, so watch this space …

... and have a rockin' week everyone!

Until next time ...


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