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5 Top Tips To Start The New Year Productively

What will be your vision for 2018?



Will you end this year wealthier, fitter, or with better relationships? If you're creative, draw or use images to define your vision and keep it on a wall at home or in the office where you can see it regularly ...

If you want to start the new year productivity, try using my 5 top tips!

If you want to start the new year productivity, try using my 5 top tips!

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If you prefer, you can write down your vision statement - it’s up to you. Either way, visualising your future regularly will help make it happen. Here are my top 5 top tips to start the new year productively:

  • Make time to review what you are going to do each week and create an action plan for each day. Of course, you always need flexibility as life happens, but we are more likely to be productive if we have a clear plan.

  • Make a New Year's Resolution to get to 'inbox zero' daily. What I mean by this is to make sure you deal with every email that comes in by either getting it sorted there and then, delegate it, put in an action folder, or if you need to spend time on it, allocate a session during your weekly review.

  • Stop notifications on your phone as that distracts you and stops you focusing on what you actually need to do. Every time you are distracted by your phone, it can take up to 20 minutes to get back into the concentration zone. Stopping notifications will give you back control of your life as you will be able to choose when you interact with your phone rather than being continually pulled in by it.

  • Make time for 10 minutes of meditation each day. This will help you clear your mind and allow space for the things that matter to you to filter through to the top of your consciousness.

So there we go; 5 top tips to start the new year productively. Remember to regularly review your goals each week and see what you can do to refocus on them if you slip.

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