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4 Steps To Staying Positive To Boost Productivity

Want to feel energised and ready to take on more?

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Do you approach productivity in a positive or negative way? Like anything else in life, staying positive to boost productivity will yield big results. But gritting your teeth, ploughing through your to-do list with a heavy heart and mind will only get you so far ...

Like anything else, staying positive to boost productivity yields results!

Like anything else, staying positive to boost productivity yields results!

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On the other hand, positively tackling your to-do list with a mind of joyful effort will leave you feeling energised and ready to take on more.

So, what steps can we take to boost our feeling of positive productivity?

  1. Create a short list of what you want to complete

    This may be single actions or actions that are part of a bigger project. The key is to get specific. Instead of writing 'do marketing' or 'call customers', write down 'write a blog post on how to make your customers happy' or 'call my top 10 customers this morning'.

  2. Visualise what the positive results of your actions will be

    This makes you feel more like you actually want to carry out what is on your to-do list. To carry out the visualisation take a quiet five minutes and clear your mind by concentrating on your breathing. Then imagine you have completed your to-do list. What does it look and feel like? Imagine it in high definition!

  3. Turn off your distractions

    If Facebook is open, your phone is pinging and e-mail notifications are coming up on-screen, you are unlikely to be focused on the task at hand. Give yourself a realistic timeframe to complete them. It might take 20 minutes for you to write that blog post, but two hours to call your top 10 customers, so schedule that time.

  4. Congratulate yourself EVERY time you complete something

    This is your time to bathe in glory! Ok, maybe that is taking it too far, but often we concentrate on what we haven't done as opposed to what we have done. This is a negative way to look at things. To keep the positivity flowing, we need to acknowledge what we have done consistently.

To stay positive is not easy with all the pressures of modern life. We need to train our mind to remain positive no matter what life throws at us. The more we practice the above steps, the more positive we will become. Then we will naturally put joyful effort into our to-do list and be more productive.

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