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3 Easy Steps To Supercharge Your Productivity!

Step one is to think big ...

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Having read a lot of books and blog posts on how to supercharge your productivity, I must say that there is loads of advice out there that can be completely bamboozling, to say the least ...

If you're looking to supercharge your productivity, read my three easy steps!

If you're looking to supercharge your productivity, read my three easy steps!

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However, don't worry as I have distilled all the good advice (and chucked out the rubbish) for you into three steps that will supercharge your productivity. So, what are the 3 steps?

  1. Think big

  2. Set your goals

  3. Clear your brain out

So let's look at each of those three points in detail:

  1. Think Big

    To start with, close your eyes and visualise where you want to be in 5 years time. See this in as much details as you can. Think about your home life, work life, you body and mind. Got a clear picture? Write it down so you will remember it.

    According to research using brain imagery such as MRI's, visualization works because neurons in our brains (the cells that transmit information) interpret imagery as equivalent to a real-life action. When we visualize an act, the brain generates an impulse that tells our neurons to 'perform' the movement.

    What this means is our brains think we are really doing what we visualise. If we visualise daily what we want we are more likely to achieve that as we are focusing our mind on the reality we want.

  2. Set your goals

    The next step is to break down your visualisation into achievable and measurable goals. Goals focus the brain to think about the concrete things we want to achieve.

    To do this, think about what projects you need to complete and write them down as goals. When we have a purpose in life then even those boring projects we have to do seem easier to finish.

    Making the goals measurable means we will know when we have completed the goal, thus helping to propel us forwards to finish the other outstanding ones.

  3. Clear your brain out

    Do a brain dump of everything you have in your mind, even simple things like going to get some milk from the shop or making a call to your boss. Write it all down ... every little thing.

    Our brain is not meant to hold so much information. Well, not without forgetting about things anyway. Doing this will clear your brain and allow you to think about the bigger picture. Once you have cleared out your brain, go through each item, and where possible, link it to one or more of the goals you created. This links all your actions to your goals and ultimately to the visualisation you created.

So go on, put your brain to good use and work with these are three easy steps to supercharge your productivity. You will soon see results!

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